Tindur frá Fitjamyri 


Sire: Flugar frá Skálakoti

Dam Sunna frá Stóra-Dal

Tindur, born 2005, is a “big and beautiful” spirited stallion. He is four gaited and supple throughout his whole body. His conformation is fabulous, and the flowing movements of his gaits are like dancing. Tindur broke his cannon bone in two pieces on the way to his evaluation when he was four years old. Although his performance is now slightly hindered by the accident, we are very proud of his evaluation score of total 7.80.   His most valuable assets are his personality and his clear easy gaits which get passed on to his foals. All his foals show lots of tolt at liberty, and are very friendly. Tindur still has time to meet more ladies, so if you are interested in breeding your mare to Tindur, contact us at tuskast@shaw.ca

Breed elevalution in 2013:
Conformation   8.08
Riding Ability   7.61
Total                  7.80