Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm


Riding Lessons for Adults and Children

The possibilities are endless! Connect with your inner Viking through fun and games and learn the basics of handling and riding an Icelandic Horse. Discover the world of riding for yourself with new riding techniques that will improve your selfconfidence. Working trust issues using the horses to balance mind, body and spirit. A horse is simply a mirror of your inner strengths and weaknesses. Find below times available for lessons.

Adult private or small group riding lessons $45/hr
Buy 5 get the 6th for free! 

Wednesday & Thursday 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm

Sunday 11 am and 12 pm

FUN all year around! Lessons are held in the indoor arena at 486 Arnold rd Abbotsford, BC

Helmets are mandatory and also proper foot wear. Contact Nathaly @ tuskast@shaw.ca or call 604-309-1151

Riding Lessons for KIDS & TEENS

Thursdays 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm                              Regular group lessons

Sundays 11pm and 12 pm                                        Regular group lessons

All lessons are held in an indoor riding arena located at 486 Arnold Rd, Abbotsford B.C. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY, please wear appropriate footwear. Maximum 6 kids per session.

REGULAR GROUP SESSIONS: $45/lesson or buy 5 lessons get the 6th FREE!

For private lessons, please contact Nathaly at tuskast@shaw.ca    or 604-309-1151

Kids Camp

Kids Camps take place during the Christmas Breaks,Spring Breaks and Summer Breaks
For Kids Camp, please consult the City of Abbotsford, Parks and Recreation for details and register.