Laeða from Extreme Farms - 2007


Sire: Láni from Alfasaga

Dam: Stella from Extreme Farms  

Laeða is a grey pinto mare, which by now turned entirely white.  She is 5-gaited, which supple and separated gaits.  Under saddle she proves herself to be an excellent riding horse, always bringing a smile to her rider's face. Laeða spends most of her time out in the pasture with the other breeding mares and their foals, proving herself to be an excellent mother to her foals.  

Laeða has had two foals so far. Ljósa (2014, sired by Sindrason from Helms Hill) a very pretty black and white pinto mare, and Lukka (2015, sired by our Stallion Tindur) a bay pinto mare.  Both her foals show supple gaits and plenty of tölt out in the fields.