Edda frá Fitjamyri - 2004 


Sire: Flugar frá Skálakoti

Dam: Roda frá Fitjamyri

Edda is a very talented 4 gaited mare with high lifting and animated movements.  She is full of good energy and very fun to ride.  Edda is a half-sister to our stallion Tindur, has the same fire red color and lots of mane and tail.  She impressed the judges at the 2014 Vernon Breeding Evaluation (FIZO), coming first prize for Conformation and having all gaits judged with 8.0 or higher.  
Besides her great evaluation scores she also delivered great results at past competition, starting in four-gait classes and tölt classes.  We are very pleased with her results and are certain that all her great attributes will be passed on to her future foals. 

So far, Edda has had one foal, Kveikja, a fun to watch, spirited mare.  Edda is currently in foal from our stallion Sókrates frá Langholti and is due in summer 2016.

Results FIZO 2014 in Vernon, Canada

Conformation:                 8.02 

Rideability:                      7.84 (4-gaited)

Total:                               7.91