Björt frá Vindsdalur - 1998 


Sire: Fengur frá Stokkseyri

Dam: Ugla frá Stekkjardal

This is our pride and joy wonder mare.  Björt is a powerful five gaited mare with a big heart. She was evaluated in 2009, and achieved 1st prize . Björt passes on her talent and her sweet nature as well as her size to her foals. She has participated in many events and has been a great embassador for the Icelandic Horse breed. Now Björt has a luxurious life with her best friend Tindur and her babies. We consistently see lots of tölt in all her foals and are easy to train. If you are interested in leasing Björt for breeding, contact us at

Conformation:                  8.13

Riding Ability:                   8.03

Total:                                8.07