New Stallion Vikur fra Sydra-Kolugili, now breeding on our Farm for more informations contact us on

Welcome to our Icelandic Horse Farm

Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm is a breeding and training facility for purebred Icelandic Horses. Our goal is to breed quality horses according to FEIF international breed standards, which results in solid, dependable, loveable, and talented horses. We offer various types of versatile horses from reliable trail horses to competition horses.

Our objective is to expand the Icelandic Horse community and are committed to finding the perfect horse for you. If we do not have what you are searching for, we will gladly point you in the right direction.

We are very happy to promote the Icelandic Horse in Canada and also offer fun trail riding adventures you will never forget.  This is a great opportunity to experience the "tölt" while riding in the wilderness of our new facility and enjoy spectacular scenery.